Do you have a project? Then, we have a creative photo and video production studio for you

LOOK AD ME Studio is a high-quality photo and video production studio with a cyclorama wall and daylight studio with a green screen and colorful seamless backgrounds. We have many years of experience in commercial photography and videography, which we used in the design of our studio. Our studio space is available for rent on an hourly or daily basis. The studio is equipped with everything necessary for professional photo and video filming and comfortable accommodation for the film crew with equipment, scenery, and props. The studio is located in Irvine Technology Center, five minutes from Irvine Spectrum Center, Orange County, California. We provide services for international and local advertising agencies, production companies, and brands.

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Cyclorama wall

100 AMP House Power


Vehicle Access

Wheelchair Access


Free Parking

Equipment Rental


Pre-Lit Infinity Wall Cyclorama
From $100/hour

20x18x16 Pre-Lit Cyclorama

(STUDIO B is included ) 

Vehicle Access

8×8 Green Screen wall

8×8 Brick wall

8×8 Natural Stone wall

Savage Photo backdrops

Makeup station

Lounge area

Fitting room

Garment Racks 

Coffee machine




Photography / Podcast Room
From $35/hour

8×8 Green Screen 

(Available for rent)

8×8 Brick wall

Savage Photo backdrops

Makeup station

Lounge area

Fitting room

Garment Racks

Coffee machine



Photo studio near me

Basic Rules
Opening hours are from 7 am to 10 pm. However, the studio may be open later for night shooting upon request and at an additional cost.

In the cyclorama area, shoe covers are required for the crew. Shoe covers will be provided on set.

$50 cleaning fee will be apply to each booking for STUDIO A and STUDIO B

$75 cleaning/repainting fee for minor scuffs, marks, stains, etc.

$150 for cleaning/repainting large scuffs, dents, stains, etc.

For damage to the cyclorama, a repair fee of at least $700 will be charged, depending on the damage.

A freshly painted floor will cost an additional $150.

NO glitter, powder, oils, smoke effects, body painting, haircuts, or other messy items without prior permission. A $250 minimum cleaning fee for using the above-listed items without studio representative authorization will be applied.

$600 refundable deposit if you need to bring car in the studio

$200 car fee if you need to bring vehicle on set

$200 overnight fee if you need to keep your equipment in studio 

$200 will be charge if you need to move date of your shoot  

No smoking in the studio. No candles or other items that can cause a fire.

You can bring animals; contact us before the day of shooting for permission.

WE PROHIBITED IN THE STUDIO: Alcohol, Drugs, Firearms, Fire, and other dangerous substances and objects
The offender will be charged a $1,000 fine

Please do not touch or move the motion control robot without the managers’ permission.

The studio premises may only be used for legitimate commercial activities. If illegal activity is found, the authorities may be notified, and the tenant will be removed from the premises and charged with a $500 fine on top of the total agreed amount of the booking.

During the studio rental, adult filming and adult productions are prohibited. If such activity is found, the tenant will be removed from the premises and fined $500 on top of the total agreed amount of the booking.

Production insurance is required. We can discuss the security deposit or buying insurance for the additional fee if you don’t have it. We will send you COI requirements upon the studio booking.
We can connect you with insurance brokers for your project if needed. 
Reach out if you have questions by phone at +1 949 346 1660‬ or email

We are happy to provide a crew for your projects needs. Reach out if you have questions by phone +1 949 346 16 60 or email

We are ready to help you with the rental if you have a demand for equipment. We have studio equipment for rent. See the full list here. If you need something different or specific, we can sort out equipment for you through our partners network and arrange delivery by the day of filming. Production insurance is required.
Let us know what your equipment needs for the project.

1 Ton Grip 

Aputure 1200D x 1

Aputure 600X Pro x 1

Aputure 300D X 2

Aputure Nova 300C X 3

Amaron T4 X 2 

4×4 Flags kit

V-Flats X 2

Hensel Photography Light

LT-CR14 Cinema Robot


Reach out if you have questions about rental by phone  +1 949 346 1660 or email

If you don’t have a crew, we can provide you with full-cycle photo-video production services for your project. We can help with TV commercials, Social Media Content, E-commerce content, Photography, and Live Streaming with in-house resources.

Reach out if you have questions by phone +1 949 346 1660 or email

For booking please email


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