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LOOK AD ME is a creative content agency and production. We help clients to achieve their goals through the creation of unique and stunning content. We specialize in commercial image and video content. We can manage projects at any development stage, from the creative concept to the final release. We can merge into your project and provide resources when needed, such as location scouting, permitting, crew hire, casting, support on set, and post-production. Our clients are brands, agencies, magazines, startups, and foreign productions that need help in the United States. We work with Union and Non-Union projects. We are DGA Signatory and experienced working with celebrity SAG actors.


Our team consists of experienced producers, directors, videographers, and photographers. We work with major industry agencies to get you top-rated crew and talent. Projects always have unique assignments, so we have an extensive database of talented freelancers to assist with the content creation based on the requirements.


How much does it cost?
This question is the most standard clients ask. However, a better answer would be deciding the type of video or photo content you wish to create and the realistic budget you plan to invest. We will help you create a concept that will work within the budget or adjust your idea to fit your requirements.


Based on our experience project takes 6-8 weeks from concept to release, sometimes longer. Each project needs at least 2 weeks for pre-production, especially if you need permits and unique locations. The ideal time is 4 weeks for pre-production. Post-production usually takes 2-4 weeks and can be longer if it requires a lot of special effects.

You have a project, and we have a way to get it done​


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