Motion control cinema robot

If you are looking for quick and precise shots to turn your commercial, music video, or product shoot into the memorable one, then the cinema robot is your perfect solution. It can perform complex cinematic shots many times with precise accuracy, making your post-production team goals into reality. Motion control cinema robot simplifies moving the camera and getting the cinematographer the pictures he was aiming for with precise camera angles. Producers can save their clients time and money by achieving a desirable image with just repeatable movement of cinema robots.

Key features


Fast and slow

Repeatable moves

Target tracking


Synced Trigers

FIZ Control

Timeline editor

Axes 6
Playload 10 kg / 22 lb
Reach from center 1420 mm / 27.6″x31.5″
Maximum overall speed 17.7 ft / s
Precision repeatability 0.04 mm / 0.0016 in
Robot mass 160 kg / 353 lb
Operation temperature 40 F – 113 F
Maximum power 2.4kVA 
Voltage 208 / 240V power ( step up transformer for 120VAC single-phase is available)
Maximum current 20A  

We use Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K (EF- mount) or RED KOMODO 6K  cameras for motion control robot shoots. In addition, We can accommodate Chronos 2.1-HD or Phantom VEO High-Speed Cameras for slow-motion shots.

We have access to a wide range of lenses. Some are available in the studio, calibrated, and ready for work with the robot. Others require pre-calibration time before shooting. Contact for information.

We have created comfortable conditions for your shoot in the studio. You can use cyclorama, and we can set up a green screen or even build sets for your shoot. In addition, we can arrange delivery to the site if you need delivery for the robot. Check the details during the booking process.

No one should touch or approach the robot when it is in working mode, except for the person assigned to work with it. Before filming, we will hold a safety meeting and brief the crew and talent. Robot operators must control the robot. They will work with the producer, AD, director, and DP to advise them of all safety risks. We also provide a camera assistant on set to operate the camera and attach the lens.

We can create commercials, music videos, or product shoots on green screens and recreate the environment in posts. Contact for details. 

Each shoot is unique and requires discussion, planning, and preparation time before the shooting day.
Day rate
$4500/day (10 hours).
Out-of-studio rate
$5500 (10 hours)
Overtime rate
$600 / hour (overtime starts after 10 hours of work per day)
Prep day rate
$2,500/day (10 hours). Contact us for more details.
Delivery in LA and San Diego starts from $800
If you have questions contact for detail.



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