Pink Soda Sports with Chloe Burrows in LA for JD SPORTS


JD Sports team came to LA with their women’s ambassador Chloe Burrows. They explored the city as if they were locals. Chloe is focusing on fitness and fitness within the city’s healthy style showcasing the JD-exclusive Pink Soda Sport collection.

During their stay, the JD Sports team and Chloe Burrows were able to immerse themselves in the LA lifestyle and culture and connect with local influencers and experts in their respective fields. They also had the opportunity to create high-quality content, including photos, videos, and social media posts, that would showcase their experiences and resonate with their followers and customers back home.


Pink Soda Sport Campaign for JD SPORTS with the influencer Chloe Burrows. 

Together, JD Sports and LOOK AD ME crafted a customized itinerary that would allow the team to experience LA like locals, and showcase the brand’s unique perspective on sportswear and streetwear.


Production, Locations, Permits, Crew and Kit Hire, Video Production, Photo Production


Los Angeles, CA