Drezden-Davida Olen


Parallel worlds and fictional reality, aliens and drawn characters, as well as references to Hollywood films of the 60s of the XX century: DREZDEN presents a futuristic video for the song “David’s Deer”. Frame by frame, the creators of the video force the audience to cuddle in suspense to the screens of their gadgets and invite them to unravel another puzzle of images and meanings that traditionally fill the songs and videos of the group. To work with robotic suits was invited by Robert DeVine, author of the costumes in the technology of animatronics. He worked on such projects as “Blade Runner”, “Total Recall”, “Robocop”, “Without a face”, “Armageddon”, “Star Trek”, “Mars attacks”, “The Terminator,” “Artificial intelligence”, etc.


Music video




Client: Drezden/ BRUTTO NOSTRA @drezden72  and One Little Production @onelittleproduction

Director: Vladimir Nefedov @onelittle

Producer: Zoya Skya @zoyaskya 

Cinematographer: Aydar Sharipov @aydar_sharip

Talents: Jon Sloan @jon.sloan1, Anna Makovchik @annamakovchik, Pasha Sol @pasha.sol,  Casey Larios @imdb, Dima Suetin @dimisuetin, Russel Coker @therealrussellcoker, Maximus Flore @maximusflore

Staging dolls: Robert DeVine ANATOMORPHEX @anatomorphex