Chantelle lingerie campaign


The task was to create commercial content for the famous French lingerie brand Chantelle.  SS19 commercial campaign theme was based on “the strong societal trend of seeking authenticity, in response to a heavily formatted world where the female image is still widely stereotyped. Women are in search of a new way to express their beauty by returning to nature, a ‘return to their roots.’”

The final images are vivid and attractive because of the real Kodak film being used during the campaign.


Commercial campaign SS19


Photo & Video Production


Yucca Valley, Joshua Tree, Palm Springs ( California)


Creative Scheybeler @scheybeler

Brand Chantelle @chantelle_paris

Talent Lena Hardt @lena_hardt 

Photography and brand’s creative director: Renaud Cambuzat @renaudcambuzat

Stylist: Adri Lacaita @adri_lacaita

Art Director: Tom Wilkinson @wilkofoto

HMU: Christyna Kay @christynakay

NM Productions @nm_productions

LOOK AD ME @lookadmeusa