Asua is an innovative Australian film director of Korean descent. His journey is a fusion of cultures, a relentless pursuit of conceptual storytelling excellence, and a commitment to keeping the magic alive in film, and now he aspires to broaden his horizons on a global scale. Driven to craft visually arresting narratives, motivated by an unwavering dedication to a captivating aesthetic.

Asua is all about breaking norms, especially in the realm of science fiction, where his knack for eye-catching visuals and love for mind-bending special effects truly shine. But it’s not just about breaking ground in genres; Asua has collaborated with big names like Pepsi, Budweiser, and Bose, proving he’s not afraid to dream big.

What sets him apart? Well, besides his incredible work, Asua has worked with Korean celebrities like Song Joon-gi and Park Seo-joon, adding a touch of star power to his already impressive resume.

In a world where convention can be confining, Asua is the outlier—always chasing originality, constantly experimenting, and steering clear of the ordinary.