Korn – Finally Free


Korn – Finally Free music video for new song was created in the collaboration with Wargaming company. World of Tanks Blitz teamed up with Korn music band for their video for Finally Free song. The collaboration was made for game company Wargaming to create awareness about their game.  The shoot took place in Los Angeles, US, and Minsk, Belarus.  The video generated more than 1.4 million views on the official Youtube channel of the band. 


Music video, Photo, Interview


Production, Interviews, Photo stills 


Client Wargaming @wargaming

Game World of Tanks Blitz @wotblitz_official

Talent Korn music band @korn_official

Actor Wojtek Wachuda @wojtekwachuda

Director Vladimir Nefedov @onelittle

DOP LA unit

Andrey Nikolaev @kefirux

Photographer Andrei Chernyavski @andi_cher

LOOK AD AM @lookadmeusa

One Little Production @onelittleproduction